Prevent Texting-Related Car Accidents in Alberta

Texting while driving remains a major issue on the roads of Alberta. Understanding how to prevent such accidents is crucial. Here are ten effective strategies to avoid texting-related car accidents:

1. Store Your Phone Out of Reach While Driving
It’s basic yet vital. Keeping your phone out of reach removes the temptation to use it, allowing you to concentrate on driving.

2. Strictly Avoid Texting Behind the Wheel
Despite the known risks, many still text while driving. Commit to not being one of them. If a text is necessary, find a safe spot to stop first.

3. Opt for Hands-Free Devices
Should you need to communicate while driving, use a hands-free device. This keeps your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road.

4. Ensure Your Phone is Fully Charged
A low battery can tempt you to use your phone while driving. Keeping your phone fully charged helps resist this urge.

5. Plan Your Communication Beforehand
If you’re facing a long drive, make calls or send texts beforehand. Pre-planning helps avoid phone use while on the road.

6. Stop to Use Your Phone
Need to use your phone? First, pull over to a safe location. Avoid using your phone while driving.

7. Ask Passengers for Cooperation
Make it clear to passengers that they shouldn’t distract you with conversations or texts while you’re driving. Encourage them to also put away their electronic devices.

8. Refrain from Phone Use in Poor Weather
Difficult weather conditions demand your full attention. Avoid using your phone to keep your focus solely on driving.

9. Use Voice Commands for Texting
If you must send a text, use voice commands instead of typing. This helps keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

10. Educate Yourself on the Risks
Numerous resources are available about the dangers of texting and driving in Alberta. Use these to stay informed and safe.

In summary, the most effective way to avoid texting and driving accidents is to simply not use your phone while driving. If necessary, stop in a safe area to use your phone. Make responsible choices while driving and stay informed about the hazards of texting and driving.